I want to begin this blog post by wishing GNOME “Happy 20th anniversary!”. My hopes are that this amazing, energetic, determined community grows larger and stronger each anniversary from now forth.

As many of those who follow closely my blog might already know, for me this was the 3rd GNOME conference edition in a row I was lucky to participate at. Words fail to express my gratitude for having been offered this opportunity to be in the rainy yet welcoming city of Manchester alongside a part of the GNOME family. I was thrilled to reconnect with some of my old friends as well as to meet new hardworking people, some of which were attending the conference for the first time.

Unfortunately, I was not able to be present to all talks and activities as I now have a full time job and I had to leave early in order to go back to work. In spite of that, my favorite moments of GUADEC 2017 include intern talks, finding more information about Ubuntu’s transition to GNOME and obviously, the 20th anniversary celebration.
I hope everybody else had a good time as well. At least I know I did.





Last month I had the chance to attend GUADEC 2016. It was the second time I was fortunate enough to be able to do so, first time being during my 2015 GSoC internship.

Being a Google Summer of Code student I had the opportunity to give a lightning talk about the work I did on my project during the summer. Even though the crowd made me hesitate at first, the talk and the positive feedback I received after it added up to a great experience.

By attending most of the talks during the “Core Days” of the conference and taking part in the discussions that happened during breaks, lunches and BoF days, I managed to learn a lot about the GNOME community and the GNOME stack.

A big thank you to the GNOME Foundation for sponsoring my travel to GUADEC 2016 and a big thank you to the GNOME community for being so helpful and awesome!